Some see, few know, many choose to wander aimlessly in a fog, devoid of sunlight. I seek the light of day and leave the others to their chosen realm of ignorance. They are the ones who have brought this great nation down. I write only for the benefit of those who possess the courage required to restore our birthright.

Sunday, August 23, 2015


Last night I posted a comment on my FB wall. It was born of my frustration with the American masses, and brought good tidings to none, but said what I had to say and then I went to bed. Couldn't stay there, and now find myself once again with my friend the keyboard, again walking point on the road to ruin upon which this nation has embarked. The following is the comment that I posted and it would not allow me to sleep...

Some years ago, before Black Lives Matter grew so powerful, and our police became afraid to do their jobs; before those many thousands of unaccompanied 'children' flooded across our southern border; before the push from the feds to occupy this nation with terrorists, I warned that there would be civil war in this nation and that the enemies would be militant blacks, militant Latinos, and a host of Muslims from the Middle East. 
But...That was in 2010 and few paid attention. All that most could think about was the election and posting photos that showed how brave our military is and how we, the patriots of America, were going to bravely Vote em Out.
Well they voted some of them out and voted in their Progressive replacements and now our downhill trek has quickened. Look about you as the inner city blacks are on a killing spree. and Illegal immigrants are on a raping and killing spree. Oddly enough, Muslims, known as some of the most ruthless killing machines in the world, are quietly infiltrating and doing nothing but awaiting orders to attack. That is when it will get really bad. May God have mercy on those in fantasy land when this day comes for Allah most certainly will not.
Meanwhile the invasion continues...They are being brought among us and the goal for this year is 65,000 Syrian Muslims, in addition to all of the other refugees that are flocking to the nation they hate and want to destroy. The following link is part of an ongoing report on the Muslim invasion.
In all honesty you might be happier to ignore the problem and spend your time planning to Vote em Out again in 2016.
Take a tour down this page if you dare. 25 or 30 headlines should be enough. Ladies and gentlemen. No messiah is running for office. This is our problem and we are not going to vote our way out of it.

This is the link to my FB wall, should you care to views the rogue's gallery of political treachery posted there.

It was due to the following link that I posted the comment that was to become the intro to this essay. I am deeply troubled about this settling of Islamists among our people and we can do absolutely nothing to stop it. Worse still I would venture to say that less than one percent of the American public are even vaguely aware of it. The rest are quite simply clueless and indulging in their favorite fantasies of who they want to vote for in 2016, one of the better escapes from an unpleasant reality.

Refugee Resettlement Watch ... August 22, 2015
Asst. Secretary of State Anne Richard will answer questions about refugees in Spartanburg, SC this coming week….
Pay particular attention to this idea apparently from the State Department to have separate meetings with those for and against the plan.  I’m surprised that Rep. Trey Gowdy’s office fell for this technique which leaves Ms. Richard in the position of spinning what each of the ‘stakeholders’ and taxpayers (not considered stakeholders) groups concerns might be.

With all that is going wrong in the world why am I so troubled about a few seed Muslims being planted in South Carolina? The following photo says so very much if you grasp the Globalist agenda. First off the photo of Einstein, our most famous immigrant. To the right the wannabe world emperor George Soros, to the left heir to the empire, Jonathon Soros, and in the center, a most interesting man ... David Miliband, former UK Foreign Secretary, who has now become the president of the International Rescue Committee.

The IRC us one of nine core groups dedicated to creating a tsunami of Islamic 'refugees' pouring into this nation. Miliband's personal goal is to settle 65,000 Syrian Muslims before the end of 2016. That number is in addition to the normal immigrants that flood our shores every years seeking handouts and welfare as they plot our ruin.

This image is so very important for it reveals so very much, if you understand the agenda. This is not the time and place to go into detail about that agenda for I have already done so. Most of our patriots profess to seek the sunshine and yet settle for the fog of apathy. If you are not one of these sunshine patriots allow me to suggest a link found below in Suggested Reading...'A Top Down Assault On Liberty'

Were I inclined to be facetious I would have to laugh at those who choose to tell us what our greatest danger is. Obama tells us that it is Global Warming. Other political pundits tell us that it is our deficit, while others warn of China, Russia, 
capitalism, socialism, communism, Progressivism, overpopulation, and on and on goes the list.

OK you must be wondering what I believe our greatest danger to be.

As one who has come to regard myself an authority I tell you this: It is our own people; plain and simple. Above I left an open ended criticism of most Americans, hoping against hope that you, my reader, are not like most as I stated "Most of our patriots profess to seek the sunshine and yet settle for the fog of apathy."

Let us delve into the pages of history and find the thoughts of a man greater than I...

"If a nation expects to be ignorant and free, in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be."
Thomas Jefferson

Our people do not think of themselves as being ignorant but they are, else we would not be finding ourselves in such dire straits. We all know of Einstein's definition of insanity and so I shall not bother to quote it, but the simple fact of the matter is that we are doing the same thing over and over again, always hoping for different results.

To that end I offer the elections of 2008, 2010, 2012, 2014 and now the unthinking masses are looking forward to 2016 totally disregarding the reality that the Globalists, through one means or the other, manage to control the vast majority of our elected leaders in no time flat.

The ignorance that Jefferson warned of is simply buying more time for our oppressors to implement their agenda. American fantasies, their wishful thinking, their gullibility, and their blind faith, are paving this long road that I walk. I seek, find, and point out dangers, while they walk blindly forward ever dismissive of the reality before them.

Our people, in one fashion or the other, are embracing a form of escapism. They rally around Ted Cruz, Donald Trump, a host of local politicians, some are truthers still blaming Bush, some are birthers still trying to dethrone the golfer in chief. On the other side there are those suffering from a white guilt of which they are not guilty, the socialist and communists who work with an intent we simply do not want to know about. There are the totally gullible who have made Al Gore a very rich man and support the EPA's attack on our people.

There are the Christians who tell us that we must suffer for the good of those who wish to kill us, and there are the extremists who are convinced that this is the end times. Every generation for two thousand years have believed that, and when it is all said and done they have had one helluva a mess to clean up. As it has always been, so shall it always be.

I have a terrible habit of predicting the future. Read past essays and you will find that I have an even more terrible habit of being correct ... And here I go again.

During Wilson's Presidency he tried to introduce Progressivism, and it was flatly rejected by the Americans of his day. Roosevelt again tried it during the Great Depression, and had WWII not intervened he probably would have succeeded. Progressivism was held at bay until the sixties, and briefly subdued while Reagan was in office. The day he left office the Progressives vowed never again to be stopped, and today we cannot stop them. Only civil war could do that and the Americans of today find such as this as being distasteful and uncivilized.

Instead, they seek a messiah who can oppose all that is evil. They seek a man with the omnipotent power to stand against his own corrupt party, the Democratic Party, a corrupt Supreme Court, corrupt federal, state, and local courts. They want a man who can whisk away the racial hatred planted by Hussein Obama, return illegal aliens to their nations while offending none, and reclaim the hundreds of square miles of our nation now dominated by the drug lords of Mexico, who are supported by the drug users of America.

They also want a man who can dispel the dangers of the UN, Iran, China, Russia, and the Islamic hordes that are colonizing the entire world. They want ... I could go on with this for hours but to no avail.

Best case scenario: Let us assume that we have that messiah, that I am mistaken in my belief that there will be no election in 2016, and that all conservatives will vote for him sixteen times offsetting the illegals voting and the the dead rising to vote for the Democratic Party. For good measure let us imagine that the Soros owned, operated, and programmed voting machines have changed sides.

Now we have them on the run! Once again truth, justice, and the American way is going to prevail. Oh, what a dream, what a vision of a glorious future. Sadly that dream and that vision are but blurred dreams of beautiful bubbles.

The problem with bubbles is that in time they always seem to burst.

In all truth, we are badly outnumbered by those, living, dead, legal, and illegal who are going to vote Democratic, and there is not a damn thing we can do to change that reality, but for the moment let us continue our pleasant fantasy.

We have him! The right man! He is going to save us from our own ignorance and apathy, and for an encore perhaps he will even walk on water.

The fact of the matter is that the Progressives have fought long and hard to get into the position of power they now occupy. Do you really believe that they are going to be honorable in their moment of defeat? Hell No!!! If they in any way feel that their hold on power is threatened America is going to burn.

They have been setting the stage for this event while hopeful and passive Americans wait patiently to Vote em Out. There is nothing passive about the left. They want it all and they want it right now, totally unconcerned about right and wrong and who pays for their wants.

Endanger the Progressive's power and black agitators will call forth their useful idiots. So too will La Raza, and so too will Al Qaeda. Obama has long helped them in their conquests, and the greatest conquest of all is America. They simply await orders to begin. One order is all that it takes. It will be filtered downward and millions of dissidents will take to our streets, burning, raping, murdering, and maiming. Fearful and ignorant Americans will turn to our government to protect them, increasing the stranglehold they have upon us. This is the price of ignorance, and a price we shall undoubtedly pay.

Martial Law, delayed elections, gun control. It is all laid out across the pages of history. Sadly our people are historically challenged, but they know who won on Dancing With The Stars three years ago.

And so I shall continue to walk point, as I would have it no other way, for I cannot help but seek the truth and it is on point that the truth is to be found, and therefore where I belong. For all who choose to partake of the truth I find I am thankful. For the others...Oh well! I tried.

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The title of this essay was supposed to be 'Betrayed By Our Church Leaders Part Two. It just did not work out that way. That discussion is slated for the near future but to fully grasp that topic one must have a greater understanding of just how we got to where we are and the ideology that drives the whole scenario. This current effort addresses the top down issue, beginning with the UN, Globalists, and political enablers of this agenda. The actual involvement of religious entities and their effect on you and your home town will be addressed in future installments.


"There is not a truth existing which I fear... or would wish unknown to the whole world."
Thomas Jefferson

Shortly after Barrack Obama was elected I began writing on the internet, convinced that I would be part of the extended voice that would awaken America and reestablish our cultural heritage. I have come far, learned much, and realized just how foolish I was. Today, fully aware that none can accomplish what I set out to do, I am doing no more than recording the fall of the greatest nation ever to grace the planet Earth, and revealing the path of a foolish people who have lost their way. I can do no more, nor less.


I have never liked politics, most politicians, what goes on in the political arena, and especially dislike what goes on behind closed doors. And yet oddly enough, at the age of seventy, politics has become the very focal point of my life. I could say that this change is due to fear, but quite honestly at my age there is very little that can inspire fear in me. No, the simple fact of the matter is that I have long been a student of history and know far more than most of man's inhumanity to man. I have spent countless hours trying to understand the evil within some who crave unlimited powers, and the craven apathetic nature of the masses who allow this to happen. In younger days this study was an academic pursuit. Today it is a reality that haunts my every moment.


It is a sad fact that this nation is about to be swept into the dustbin of history and most of our people are totally oblivious to the fact. Ask most Americans to define 'Dark Ages' and I am betting that most could not. Ask those who can define it just when did the last dark age occur and why did it happen, and you will find the number of knowledgeable people greatly reduced. That thought brings to mind the premise that he who does not study history is doomed to repeat it. So has it always been; so will it always be. Sadly those of us who do study history are doomed to know what is coming as the ignorant refuse to listen and continue to repeat the errors of the past.


A special internet friend of mine, wizened by age, recently posted a comment in his group, and I feel compelled to use a  brief quote from his thoughts:
"We face both internal and external threats. Our greatest weakness is that we have an abiding faith that our individual lives will go on as always and that all these highly asserted threats will ultimately disappear without doing any real harm."


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  1. You might be surprised how much return fire the lefties get as soon as they start something. Out here in fly over country, you can often hear the sound of marksmanship practice. It's not all for hunting season.


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