Some see, few know, many choose to wander aimlessly in a fog, devoid of sunlight. I seek the light of day and leave the others to their chosen realm of ignorance. They are the ones who have brought this great nation down. I write only for the benefit of those who possess the courage required to restore our birthright.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015


Today I am turning seventy one years of age. To any well wishers, please refrain from offering birthday wishes. At my age birthdays are a source of dread, not celebration. The only reason that I have even mentioned my age in the first place is that I feel so blessed to have lived through the most beautiful years in the history of the world. While I was being born brave Americans were fighting and dying to liberate the oppressed on the far side of two great oceans. At war's end we proceeded to rebuild nations destroyed by the oppressors and indeed rebuilt their nations as well. Never in the history of the world has there been anything to equal what this nation and its people once were.

Sadly I have lived for far too long, for I have lived to see this great nation die and its people reveal themselves for what they have become. America died on November 7, 2012 and our people did not even acknowledge her passing.

That was the day when ten million armed citizens should have marched on Washington, but did not. That was the day we all knew that an election had been stolen. That was the day when our grandchildren lost their future and were sold into slavery. That was the day when bold Americans got on the internet with their proof that millions had arisen from their graves on the day before to vote for Obama.

They also told all who would read that some counties across this nation had reported Obama votes that exceeded 130 percent of their total populations and not a single vote for Mitt Romney. They shared the results from True The Vote that so many voting machines were flipping the vote right in front of those who were voting Republican.

Now that was the height of arrogance and confidence on the part of the administration. That vote could have been changed inside the machine. It did not have to show the voter that he was getting shafted. They chose to employ this in your face assault as they knew that Americans would whimper and whine and do no more. Perhaps that statement is a bit harsh as in truth Americans did do more. It was on the day that America died that those bold Americans began looking forward to the 2014 election when we would Vote em Out, just like they are doing today as they look forward wistfully to 2016.

After every election things grow worse and our people begin looking toward the next election. You know what they say about insanity: Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

I have not written anything in nearly a month as I cannot help but feel that I have outlived my usefulness and the cause that I promoted is a lost cause. My sole purpose in blogging on the internet was to utilize my investigative talents and my ability to connect the dots. Those years ago I was convinced that I could help to wake America up but soon learned that many who shared in the same endeavor were but sleep walking. Most lacked the interest to actually read more than two paragraphs or try to unravel what breaking events meant. So very many were unwilling to do more that repost the latest rubbish from Alex Jones and Before Its News. Hoaxes, sensationalism, yellow journalism, and blatant lies were immediately seized upon and reposted to further add to America somnolence, confusion, and ignorance.

Trying to combat this I developed an app entitled FIX BAYONETS LIBRARY. It took several months to build and contained access to reliable news reporting in NEWS SOURCES, revealed sites  that spread disinformation in HOAX, SENSATIONALIST, AND SATIRE SITES-DISINFORMATION, and wide array of topics that all serious Americans should be aware of.

That massive effort on my part was virtually a waste of time as far as our fellow 'patriots' go, but it is still a useful tool for me as I use it everyday to stay abreast on world events, but for most, it was none too useful. Putting forth a serious effort is just more than most of our people are willing to do. Entertainment is more to their liking; such as these videos that have gone viral: Moment man pulls world's longest ingrown HAIR from his face, or how about A dog walks on his front legs while peeing for one minute funny!

Yes, very funny if you have the time for it and your world is not coming to an end, but our world is. Oddly enough, many of our people know this but lack the courage and determination to change the future. They would rather leave that job to someone else and so they add to our addiction of placing blind hope in rigged elections.

The Democratic Party, with Obama at the helm has betrayed America, and the bulk of the GOP has done the same. None wanted to hear it when I warned in 2012 that Mitt Romney was a Progressive shill whose only purpose was to make certain that Obama won the election. After the carefully choreographed election I posted my proof, including the fact that Romney's son revealed that his father never wanted to be President in the first place. THE PROOF ABOUT OUR LATEST SHAM ELECTION.

Then in 2014 the battle cry became 'vote for anyone with an R by their name'. Again many were upset when I told them that it mattered not if we did retake the Senate. The GOP was solidly behind Obama and his Globalist puppet masters. I also added that the pace of destroying America would quicken as Obama had no more elections to worry about. He knew that there would be no election in 2016 and so he became a very 'In your face' kind of guy.

Think back to when Obama began dispensing armored vehicles to the police departments across the United States. These people, Obama's Globalist leaders, know what they are doing and have long made preparations for bringing this nation to its knees. The ultimate plan is to place all law enforcement under federal control, rendering states right as obsolete.

The above is a weapon of war, not law enforcement. Shall we go further?

Breitbart ... April 30, 2015

I need not post any links about all of the police officers that are being murdered today. Those murders are advocated by Black Lives Matter. If the man in the Oval Office were indeed a President rather than a dictator in training he would be trying to restore balance. He is not. Since before he was elected by our deluded liberals and blacks he has been setting the stage for civil war, and the pace quickens.

Front Page Mag ... September 15, 2015
Obama rolls out the red carpet for a racist, pro-cop-killing movement.

Five years ago I predicted that civil war would sweep across this nation and the nations of Europe and that all of these conflicts would begin at the same time. The civil wars in Europe would be prompted by Islam and today we are witnessing the greatest migration in history as the young men of the Middle East head into the the passive aging nations of Europe.

I also predicted that here in America there would be three major forces involved in the assault: The militant blacks, the well trained terrorists of Islam, and the Latino horde that we have been watching head north.

We get blaring headlines such as...

Breitbart ... September 21, 2015

That takes me back to February of this year when I wrote about all of the verbs used in today's headlines of well intentioned leaders trying to wake the public up to the dangers of the Globalist agenda. I wrote an essay entitled OF POLITICS AND JOURNALISM

The following is an excerpt from that essay:
I am not being critical of our conservative leaders as they are all that stand between us and an absolute dictatorship. What I am saying is that mere words cannot stop the Globalist plan to destroy America. The best that they can hope for is to delay the ultimate confrontation, as did the men of the Alamo. Buying time is the only tangible result of their finest efforts.

Any who would dare foretell the future must, by the very nature of predictions, peer through a glass darkly for the future is clouded by events yet unknown and unfolded. But I do have an outstanding track record in those predictions that I have made. I credit those successes not to any arcane talent but simply to having grasped the Globalist agenda while our 'experts' were telling you that Obama is incompetent.

Let me assure you; he is anything but. These people know exactly what they are doing and have made few mistakes. I, being what I am understand them and their agenda. Being what I am I have also tried to relay this danger to the American public and quite frankly, I have failed. Ingrown hairs and peeing dogs are far more on the intellectual level of most. To those who are above such trivial pursuits, I thank you so very much for having read my efforts for these many years.

In my opening paragraph I spoke of our fighting men and their efforts to free the oppressed. Today their memories are dishonored by the majority of our people. Our so called intellectuals describe America as a nation of Imperialists. Our warriors are not liberators but conquerors. Our college professors mold pliant minds and direct them toward Marxism, damning all white people as racists while defending the rights of all others to attack us and our accomplishments by any means they so choose.

Sadly, today much of the military has morphed into a politically correct group of metrosexuals interested only in liberating their inner selves. Our military leaders tell glorious lies of how we are defeating ISIS and they are but lies, and we have just finished spending forty two million dollars to train four or five 'moderate Muslims'.

Jihad Watch ... September 17, 2015
For $42 million, “4 or 5” US-trained Syrian “moderates” fighting Islamic State

Is anything improving? Well, we are becoming more tolerant if that counts...

Washington Post ... September 18, 2015
Obama to nominate first openly gay service secretary to lead the Army

I look across the world and watch as evil grows in power. Its adherents are stupefied, religious fanatics, and when the need arises, suicidal. But they are powerful and growing. And I look across this country, and the nations of Europe, and see other people, also stupefied, and fearful. Many of them live in such a state of fear that they see no way out except via Armageddon, while others, not looking forward to the end of the world have migrated into fantasy land.

After the GOP kicked the Tea Party in the teeth after winning the House in 2010, Americans just couldn't learn. They voted for a shill in 2012. Then gave the GOP the Senate in 2014. Always choosing to disregard my warnings they finally learned that the GOP had followed the Dems down that yellow brick road to socialism. So ended the faith of our people in the two party system, but hope springs eternal as they now seek a messiah that will walk across the waters and single-handedly smite all of the corrupt traitors of both parties, restoring America and the bold American people to their rightful place in that shining city on the hill.

We face so very many dangers, from nuclear war, to economic collapse, to civil war, to an invasion from south of our border, to terrorism from the immigrants that the administration is importing by the hundreds of thousands. A greater danger than all of the above is that the American people have lost their way and refuse to see the truth.

Today we hear of the Iran deal, of some European nations building fences of razor wire in an effort to keep the Muslim horde out. Hundreds of thousands of young Muslim men are storming across Europe raping and pillaging as they go. Some European leaders, totally in line with the Globalist agenda are rolling out the red carpet for this new group of invaders, and the UN is pushing all western nations to take even more.

Refugee Resettlement Watch ... September 20, 2015
Kerry now says 85,000 total refugees for FY2016; Hillary still wants 65,000 Syrian Muslims

Meanwhile millions of Americans choose to look away from this rising specter and fantasize about the glories that await them in 2016 when they finally Vote em Out and their chosen messiah finally brings forth the long awaited golden age of America.

I would like to ask one question of these people. You know that there is a Globalist agenda aimed at destroying your future. Even the Pope is in on it...

Gatestone Institute ... September 22, 2015
Is the Pope's Dream Our Totalitarian Nightmare?
The Pope also knows that the UN is poised to strong-arm member nations to sign on to an impossible globalist agenda that will require a total shift of the world's wealth, and a restructuring of international politics and economics with a one-world government and a universal religion at the steering wheel.

My question: Is there one of the Presidential contenders who has bothered to tell you this? They discuss a change in the ten dollar bill, they high five and low five each other, but has any one of them mentioned the fact that the UN is controlling our immigration policies, or that George Soros is pulling strings with his NGOs that are partly funded by tax dollars?

Are they telling you that we have 42.4 million immigrants, most of whom are young and collecting welfare and/or food stamps, paid for by our aging citizens? 

Breitbart ... September 21, 2015

Has any of them told you how we are going to pay off the eighteen trillion dollars of debt? They all promise a new birth of freedom and prosperity on their watch, but if you believe them you must overlook a great deal of reality, but then, is that not what you are supposed to do in fantasy land?

I would like to close this essay with a most unusual video. H/T to Diane Fatouros. This young black lady is about to place a great deal of reality squarely in your lap. It is quite obvious that she is not very well educated, and that is perhaps why she understands events as well as she does, never having been brainwashed by some liberal professor. She speaks volumes of truth for she has been there and done that. She lives among the evil that few of us can grasp. As I have tried to do for years, she is in her own way laying out the agenda hoping that some will heed her warnings.

It is only a few minutes long but this young lady understands vividly what most white Americans do not want to confront. Listen to her warning not only white people but blacks as well who do not fit into the America that Obama is transforming.

Yes, mine eyes have seen the glory and America was such a grand lady. I mourn her passing.

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  1. Why is the public so reticent and so many really like Obama (some folks I know on FB) ... I do not know why they do, except for some of the better things he may have done ... but it is the horrible things that he has put in place that they should be aware of. People need to be protesting like we did in the sixties and then some ... the media needs to show the truth of the immigrant situation ... they do not ... the Obama administration needs to be stopped in bringing in thousands upon thousands of Islam into our country .... We cannot afford it for many reasons. Is it because they are not getting the truth via media? Are they too complacent? Things need to change immediately. Obama is our president for another year and change ... we need change now. Why has he not been impeached? I do not understand.

  2. I believe in my heart that people are very fearful of Obama because he is black and are afraid that if anyone opposes his views that the blacks in this country will immediately start a race war and hundreds of thousands will die as a result. I also believe that all of this 'stuff' happening with Black Lives Matter, etc. are people being paid to do this things so that my comment in the 1st sentence won't happen. I believe that a lot of people truly care and cannot believe what has been happening to this country and is going to happen in the next year plus, but that they literally fear for their families lives. I also believe that members of Congress and Judicial have been severely threatened which is another reason for our situation. The plan to destroy has been in the works since or before the early 60's. They seem to have every base covered. So we wait hoping for a savior, but there is none. Hope is futile;
    It is built on expectations
    of what should be…could be.
    There is no basis to hope;
    it is a wish that things will get better than they currently are.
    It is a dissatisfaction with the current moment and a longing for a different way.

    Yet the way of hope is based on the past
    because that is the only way we can predict the future;
    we cannot hope for something we have never had –
    and anyway that would be too terrifying.

    To pull through adversity you need faith;
    faith in everything you have taken the time to know about yourself.
    You need courage to allow the unexpected and to live steadfast in the integrity of all that you know about yourself.

    Let faith, integrity and courage be your guides…
    for hope will only take you down the path of expectation and disappointment.
    Hope keeps you safe.
    Faith gives you the strength to soldier into the unknown,
    with your knowledge in your backpack
    and the truth of who you are on your sleeve.

    1. Zeus did not wish man, however much he might be tormented by the other evils, to fling away his life, but to go on letting himself be tormented again and again. Therefore he gives Man hope,- in reality it is the worst of all evils, because it prolongs the torments of Man.
      Friedrich Nietzsche

    2. I do believe that the finest hour of the men at the Alamo came when Travis told them that there was no hope for reinforcements, that they, the few, stood alone as a deterrent against Santa Ana's massive army. With death a certainty they finally threw off the burden of false hope, faced an absolute reality, and did what had to be done, and they did it oh so very well. People have changed.


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