Some see, few know, many choose to wander aimlessly in a fog, devoid of sunlight. I seek the light of day and leave the others to their chosen realm of ignorance. They are the ones who have brought this great nation down. I write only for the benefit of those who possess the courage required to restore our birthright.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015


Americans, as a rule, seem to be stuck in time, still believing in the old ways, forever confident that those old ways will one day return, perhaps with the next rigged election between two political parties that have adopted a common ideology.
Stuck in time is one helluva concept; perhaps out of time is more to the point. Stuck in time, we must conclude, is a state of denial accepted by those who cannot deal with the new reality, cherished by those who lack the courage to face a tomorrow that promises only dread, and embraced by those who will become the victims of a tomorrow they choose to disavow.

As to 'out of time'...Well, we are almost there.

The Numbers Game...Long range projections always assume that America will continue to exist, changing ever so slowly. Yes, Americans feel a certain degree of concern for what will happen in fifty years but know that they will be dead by then and do nothing. This arbitrary numbers game inspires a sense of false confidence in the status quo among the gullible, and the gullible are legion. One such projection:

Breitbart ... September 28, 2015
The report, released Monday, reveals the extent to which the passage of the Immigration and Nationality Act in 1965 has altered U.S. demographics from a system based on quotas resulting in more European immigrants to one which opened the America’s doors to large numbers of immigrants from Latin America, Asia, and elsewhere.

While it may sound racist, consider this: It was white people who had the intelligence and the wisdom to embrace science and built our modern world of amazing technology. The others, creating nothing of worth, maintained their seventh century existence and are now known as third world nations. Now, via a plan put forth by the Globalists, those third worlders are invading the west, intent upon bringing their primitive and violent lifestyles with them.

Take a look into the face of a man who was totally evil, as he smiled for the camera, and set America onto her current course of ruin.

Breitbart ...  October 3, 2015
Fifty years ago today, Ted Kennedy began changing the face of the United States by ushering the 1965 Immigration and Nationality Act through Congress. That legislation resulted in the fundamental transformation of the demographic, economic, social, and political landscape of nation, exactly the opposite of what its supporters promised.
The Kennedy immigration law abolished the national origins quota system, which had favored immigrants from nations with a similar heritage to our own, and opened up American immigration visas to the entire world.
While about nine in ten of the immigrants who came to the United States during the 19th and 20th century hailed from Europe, the 1965 law inverted that figure. Today about 9 out of every 10 new immigrants brought into the country on green cards come from Latin America, Africa, Asia or the Middle East.

Note that the immigrants mentioned are coming in with green cards, and Obama has also opened the floodgates for the illegals. The world is going to hell in a flaming hand basket and it is this vast influx of invaders that are meant to cause financial collapse and civil wars across all of the western nations. The following link is from a Democrat nonetheless. Even some of them are growing concerned with where these actions have led us.

The Hill ... October 4, 2015
Former U.N. ambassador says global landscape worst he’s ever seen

The following link is to one of the very finest essays that I have read this year. I truly hope that you read it all. It is that important. Typically, below in Suggested Reading, I recommend three or four of my past essays for you to continue your research. What Mister Kincaid writes here is of such importance that his link will lead that list. While he says it differently, he tells you the same thing that I am writing. Ignore my thoughts, but if you hope to survive, heed his. He is a man of true wisdom; a rare commodity in the year 2015.

Accuracy In Media ... October 2, 2015
The Moscow-Washington-Tehran Axis of Evil

By the way I have long held the belief that 'conventional wisdom' sucks; my writing have long expressed my contempt for the sensationalists and the exploiters of humanity's foibles...

Excerpt from above:
The conventional wisdom is driven by the notion that Obama has the best of intentions but that he’s been outmaneuvered. What if his intention all along has been to remake the Middle East to the advantage of Moscow and its client state Iran? What if he knows exactly what he’s doing? Too many commentators refuse to consider that Obama is deliberately working against U.S. interests and in favor of the enemies of the U.S. and Israel.

The entire western defense mechanisms, our morality, our age old beliefs, and the integrity of our political and moral leaders, are disintegrating about our heads and shoulders. Meanwhile the bulk of our people are blissfully unaware of this process of accelerating decay.

Washington Free Beacon ...  October 22, 2015
The Coming Defeat of NATO-Column: How Vladimir Putin and Barack Obama will break the Atlantic alliance
The North Atlantic Treaty Organization, established in 1949, has 28 members devoted to the idea of collective security. Prediction: By the time President Obama leaves office in 2017, the NATO pledge of mutual defense in response to aggression will have been exposed as worthless. Objectively the alliance will have ceased to exist. The culprits? Vladimir Putin—and Barack Obama.

Unlike the above author and the millions who are looking forward to Obama leaving office in 2017, once again allowing our peace loving citizens to pursue the American Dream, I ask you this? The Globalists are so very close to having total control, do you really believe they are going to be ladies and gentlemen and bow out gracefully in 2017? That would be akin to Adolph Hitler changing his mind on the night pf the implementation of 'Operation Canned Goods' when they planned to invade Poland. It just ain't gonna happen folks.

Follow your political messiah, follow your fellow denialists, follow Alice down that rabbit hole, follow whom you may. If you follow the yellow brick road to that fantasy land of wishful thinking then you are beyond my reach, for I will not go there with you. I see a signpost that reads "Abandon hope all ye who enter herein". Unlike most I read warning signs and heed them.

A few days ago I turned seventy one and have no intentions of dying of old age. How unseemly for an aging warrior! In all likelihood I shall die with a hot smoking gun in my hand, and, for the record, I do love the smell of gunpowder in the morning. Like the men at the Alamo, I will die knowing why have I shed life's blood, and I most certainly will not walk that last mile to the showers of The Final Solution, as so many professional voters will.

Those at the Alamo were real men with little time for fantasy, or false hope, or political messiahs for that matter. Oh if we only had one hundred and eighty two such men today to replace an equal number of our current batch of craven deluded voters. Such men are shamed in their graves by today's people who plan to demonstrate their bravery by boldly voting against tyranny, in spite of the fact that election after election has proven that ballots are totally irrelevant.

You really do not matter. They will block you out by intimidation or negate your vote via the Soros agenda; i.e. vote flipping.

But to our bold Americans of today the very concept of bullets is so very distasteful. Home of the brave? Please! Please, do not make me laugh! I am really not in the mood. It hurts so much to be shot. Our flag waving patriotic voters would really rather leave that fate to someone else.

Vote on you brave flag waving, images of eagles posting heroes of democracy. Vote on! Vote your way out of the fear you feel, but never, never take a stand for what is right and what must be done. Vote on! Vote em Out! You are so brave. Celebrate and announce that bravery among yourselves. Vote em Out, but never enter the danger zone. You might get hurt there. You really do not belong in such a place. That place is meant for warriors, not bold uninformed voters whose preferred company is the masses of other bold uninformed voters.

Even Ben Carson who is campaigning for President acknowledges that there may not even be an election in 2016. I state for the record that there will no such election, and on the off chance chaos has not already overwhelmed America by then, that so called election will begin with pre-selected winners. That election is nothing more than a carrot dangled before the gullible idiots of this land. Their following that carrot gives Obama yet more time to build his infrastructure that is creating the demise of this nation.

World Net Daily ... September 29, 2015
Ben Carson: 2016 election may not happen

Likely GOP candidate warns 'there is the potential' because of growing 'anarchy'

The media, being the handmaidens of the Globalist agenda, have become one of the most dangerous tools that are being wielded against us, and they are fools to continue for their actions and words are cutting the collective throats of both us and themselves in their pursuit of job security. Dr. Carson still fears for the future of this nation and warns the media that they too will pay the price.

PJ Media ... October 1, 2015
Ben Carson on the Media: ‘If the Nation Goes Off the Cliff, They’re Going Off with It’

There was once a time that I hoped our military would intervene on behalf of this nation engaging and putting an end to our domestic threat enemy. Sadly I have now written them off as they, at least their flag officers, have wimped out and are tip toeing through the tulips with Obama and Tiny Tim. The US Army has descended so far into the swamps of political correctness that even Colonel Allen West advises everyone not to enlist. That is a sad commentary for the military we once relied on, never questioning their loyalties.

Accuracy In Media ... September 27, 2015
After this decision by the U.S. Army, NO ONE should enlist
"There are some decisions which I simply cannot fathom how anyone could make. We’ve discussed here the issue surrounding U.S. Army Special Forces Green Berets Captain Dan Quinn and Sergeant First Class Charles Martland. These men were relieved of their positions by the chain of command because they physically assaulted an Afghan police officer who had raped a young boy and beaten his mother."

These were men of honor. These were Americans true! These men are scapegoats of the Globalist agenda. Ted Kennedy would sacrifice them to the gods of political correctness in a heart beat, and how many Americans have ever even heard of them? These worthless, mindless Americans that I look down upon as pond scum, vote away our future. They are devoid of thought, uncaring of consequences, interested only in their own comforts, paid for by by the labors of others.

Years ago an internet friend asked me if I believed the military would give the order to fire on Americans and without question I answered "NO!". I proudly wore the uniform of an American warrior in the sixties, and that was my firm belief. Today I would have to revise that answer as the high command are no longer functioning as American patriots. They have morphed into Globalists First Class.

Thank you Colonel West for your service, your honesty, your courage, and your continuing devotion to this nation we both love so dearly! You Sir, once said that you would walk through hell carrying a gas can for your men. I would proudly walk with you giving you a break when your arm grows weary. I will carry it a few miles. We both have worn silver wings on our chests and have a common bond known only to warriors such as we.

Now let us go over the head of Allen West to the treasonous gutter where the DOJ and the UN are planning yet more control of our future by the elitists of the world...

Truth Revolt ... October 2, 2015
AG Lynch Announces Global Police Force Partnership with UN
During her speech at the United Nations Wednesday, Attorney General Loretta Lynch announced that the Department of Justice is launching a global police force in order to combat "violent extremism" in the United States. 

And who will be the targets of this global police force? Today our holier than thou media is busy spreading their propaganda about right wing violent extremism...

The Huffington Post ... June 6, 2015
Is Right Wing Extremism the Biggest Danger Facing America?
"There's an acceptance now of the idea that the threat from jihadi terrorism in the United States has been overblown. And there's a belief that the threat of right-wing, anti-government violence has been underestimated." John G. Horgan, former Director of Terrorism and Security Studies , University of Massachusetts at Lowell

Our low information voters are being conditioned to accept the evolution of international law enforcement when our people will be taken from their homes or choose to die fighting there. After all, those people are members of the Tea Party and/or they own guns for self defense; an obsolete politically incorrect concept. Heaven forbid that an American can defend his wife and children without first dialing 911 and locking his family in the bathroom and praying until help arrives.

Years ago people were in a panic about attacks on their Second Amendment rights. I told them they had nothing to fear at that time, but to expect danger in late 2015 to early 2016. We are now there and the pace quickens as predicted...

Breitbart ... October 3, 2015
When President Obama spoke in reaction to the heinous October 1 attack on Umpqua Community College, he went beyond his usual calls for more gun control and suggested instead that America consider following the path blazed by Australia and Great Britain.
In the mid-1990s Australia and Great Britain both instituted what were virtually complete bans on firearm possession.

A final link and a very important one before my closing thoughts...

Breitbart ... October 4, 2015

In 2013 I wrote a series of essays entitled 'Americans Want Communism'. I have since found no reason to abandon that belief.

The title of this essay is 'Time Is Running Out' and I firmly believe this to be a fact. To this end my next planned essay is going to be like nothing I have ever written before. It's title will be 'A Fireside Chat With My Readers'. I truly hope that you will read it. It will contain thoughts that must be shared, and I have thoughts to share, for it is too late when we die.

The inspiration for that essay is a beautiful video from a group known as Mike And The Mechanics. It is entitled 'The Living Years'. Keep reading. I shall provide that link again later hoping that you choose to watch it, for it provides a very real illustration of what we are up against. Over the years I have put forth my views that have frightened many who hoped that I was wrong, as did I. Unfortunately. over the years, time after time, I have proven to be correct in my projections.

This is why my next effort must be very personal, directed to you, my fellow patriots. for time is running out. Many have referred to me as a Cassandra or a Jeremiah. Let us all hope that all of my predictions do not come to pass and if I am remembered at all that historians will regard me as a blooming idiot.

Listen to the song, if you will, and note the audience. They are middle aged and aging. Note the conspicuous absence of the young for they have abandoned us. We, the aging, the withering, the patriots, and the dying are all that stand between us and a new age of darkness.

The Living Years

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Accuracy In Media ... October 2, 2015
The Moscow-Washington-Tehran Axis of Evil


In my very early days on the internet I was taken in by two different hoaxes. I learned my lesson well. Never again! Before I repost or publish anything I do a background check and find that information validated by a reliable source. Failing that I assume that I have simply wasted my time reading a collection of nonsense. I have concluded that at least ninety percent, perhaps more, of what is on the internet is pure rubbish, hoaxes, half truths, sensationalism, or a badly skewed interpretation of events. Consequently I have become a confirmed skeptic and developed a very unique style of writing. I present a prologue, defining the background of the essay I put before you. I present evidence from reliable sources, along with photos and excerpts when appropriate, and my conclusion of what that data means and how they are going to affect the people of the world.


This has been a bad time for liberty, a bad time for political debate, a bad time for the American dream, and most certainly a bad time for me. We all have a breaking point, and several weeks ago I found myself nearing mine and decided that it was time to pause in my obsessive pursuit of the truth. That truth is out there. Many cannot see it. Others choose not to, while I find that what is happening is so obvious that I have been unable to let it go. I have been doing research and writing everyday for nearly six years and finally realized that if I am to go on then it was time to pause. Otherwise I would be a broken man when I am needed most.


Today I am turning seventy one years of age. To any well wishers, please refrain from offering birthday wishes. At my age birthdays are a source of dread, not celebration. The only reason that I have even mentioned my age in the first place is that I feel so blessed to have lived through the most beautiful years in the history of the world. While I was being born brave Americans were fighting and dying to liberate the oppressed on the far side of two great oceans. At war's end we proceeded to rebuild nations destroyed by the oppressors and indeed rebuilt their nations as well. Never in the history of the world has there been anything to equal what this nation and its people once were.


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