Some see, few know, many choose to wander aimlessly in a fog, devoid of sunlight. I seek the light of day and leave the others to their chosen realm of ignorance. They are the ones who have brought this great nation down. I write only for the benefit of those who possess the courage required to restore our birthright.

Tuesday, August 2, 2016


I am a philosopher and scientist by nature, forever seeking the truth. That pursuit quite naturally led to a life long disdain for the political machinations and deceptions of my fellow human beings. It was not until 2008 when Obama's goals for this nation and the world became obvious that I chose to bridge that great divide between pursuing knowledge for its own sake and a quest to understand the forces of pure evil that infest the human race.
Any scientist will seek to understand a mystery by first formulating a hypothesis based on the very limited information at hand. Once in place, that hypothesis, if correct, will become a working theory as emerging and validating facts are added. Then that theory will become an entity unto itself, directing the researcher where to look for yet more facts. At this stage the theory becomes, scientific, or in this case political, fact. From that point onward it becomes mere child's play to anticipate and accurately predict future events. I have a long history, spread over nearly five hundred essays, of doing just that.

Ferreting out scientific reality is difficult as the universe does not come with an instruction manual. The human race, on the other hand does; it is called history. Consequently, predicting human behavior is so incredibly simple. Whether on the plains of Sumer, the streets of ancient Rome or the causeways of New Orleans, people always behave the same. They choose ignorance and fear and trust their future existence to someone that is willing to think and to lead and convince the gullible that they are in good hands.

The human race is a most interesting species, but not nearly as refined nor evolved as most believe. A few individuals over the course of time have made great technological advances that have enhanced the lives of the rest of the species. But, by and large, most of the species are simply along for the ride, choosing to live, intellectually at least, on the same plane of existence as did our cave dwelling ancestors, for one reason: They fear the truth. When reality frightens them they retreat yet deeper into the cave, indulging their fantasies that someone, something, some god, will change the reality they do not want to deal with.

This tendency toward fantasy is called hope, and hope has never ever made things better. All that it has ever done is act as a placebo, assuaging the fears of the timid until reality can no longer be denied. True, that reality could have been avoided had they dealt with the situation long before it got out of hand, but then that would have required a bit of thought, a bit of courage, a bit of will power, but that, in truth, is a bit more than most of mankind can muster.

For better or worse, tribes have always been the prime mover for large or small segments of mankind forming a bond of commonality. From a small kernel of shared beliefs do great tribes grow. That kernel may simply be national borders, or the fear of the tribes beyond those borders. That kernel may also be of an ethnic background, shared economic interests, religious beliefs, and so on. But for any tribe to prosper there must be a large degree of integrity among the leaders of that tribe, and support from its members. When integrity ceases to exist then the demise of that tribe is preordained by the law of causality.

That law is totally unconcerned with the lives, the future, the welfare, the many hopes of those foolish enough to allow themselves to become entangled in, and the victim to be, of a world reeking from political and moral corruption.

Tribes...We originally began with thirteen and over time that number has risen to fifty. Within those parameters other special interest tribes have come into existence, largely promoted by tribes who want to write laws to control the behavior of other tribes. Strange how so very many want to lead and so very few are qualified.

Beyond our borders we have joined yet more tribes. This union of apex predators are now determining what we must do for them as they send their militant warriors to our shores, with the explicit approval of our treasonous leaders.

Tribes splintered, people splintered, morality splintered, great economies splintered, and all of those splinters are simply awaiting the spark that will trigger the ultimate fire storm and bring the law of causality crashing down about our heads. A process that I have long called Anarchy and Chaos. Some years ago I predicted that 2016 would be the great year for A&C and have no reason to believe otherwise.

Look about us...The Democratic Party is splintered with some quite prepared to endorse a known traitor while another group is wanting to usher in a golden age of socialism/communism. The Republican Party is splintered with many already embracing Donald Trump as the new messiah while a large proportion would prefer anyone but.

Blacks are splintered with a great many calling for the deaths of all cops and whites while many simply want to work and live in peace. Many whites, on the other hand, are old school, still believing in our constitutional rights, while yet more, largely young are involved in the far left while advancing the principles of an unearned white guilt are welcoming the progressive agendas that George Orwell warned of long ago, 

American businessmen once defended capitalism as it was the source of their income. That has now morphed into a system of entitlements dispensed by crooked and bribed politicians, many of whom were appointed and not elected. 

Our courts were once the bastions of liberty but they too have been splintered by political correctness. Perhaps the greatest and most frightening splintering has occurred in the pentagon as political correctness, bribes from the armament industry, and threats from the White House has taken what was once the greatest military in the world and turned it into a poster child for the LGBT movement.

Now factor in immigration. It was once the source of great strength for this nation as we welcomed those, largely of European background, with something to offer America. That group has now largely been replaced with immigrants from Africa and the Middle East with nothing to offer but the the battle cry of Alahu Akbar when they arrive on our shores.

Yes, the splinters are many, just waiting for that one special spark, and Europe faces the same problem, and the firestorms will begin simultaneous and will rage for years.

Health problems took me away from my years of writing and I have largely stopped as what I once did in a few hours now takes a week, as has this essay. But today I read a few comments in a group that forced me to return to this and finish it. Those people were actually discussing their thoughts on how things will go bad in 2016 but we'll come back in force and regain control in the 2020 election. 

I just shook my head in disbelief; knowing that all of my efforts over the years were in vain.


Addendum...This is the first thing that I have written since January and quite honestly do not know if I shall be able to write again, but the overwhelming madness that I encounter everyday on the internet makes me want to write non-stop. I cannot. I do still try to keep up with current events and post the most relevant to my FB page. Feel free to visit it at...

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  1. It saddens me to say I agree almost 100% :(

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  3. Obama is goving away the Internet, so your viewpoint will soon be censored. Just know that I, at least, have learned a lot and realized a lot from reading your blog for the last few years. Unfortunately it is all negative, as every thing you had predicted has come to pass, and it looks like hell is warming up. Like you, I had hope back then, but now not so much. I have no more faith in humanity, not after what I have seen.
    If you write more, I will read it.

  4. Obama is goving away the Internet, so your viewpoint will soon be censored. Just know that I, at least, have learned a lot and realized a lot from reading your blog for the last few years. Unfortunately it is all negative, as every thing you had predicted has come to pass, and it looks like hell is warming up. Like you, I had hope back then, but now not so much. I have no more faith in humanity, not after what I have seen.
    If you write more, I will read it.

    1. Chris, my apologies for not having responded to your comment sooner. I always made an effort to reply to any thought worth reading, and yours most certainly is.
      To be perfectly honest I have not even checked comments here on Fix Bayonets in quite some time. For all intents and purposes I have stopped trying to awaken the foolish; partly because of my worsening health problems, but just as much for what you said with such eloquence..."I have no more faith in humanity, not after what I have seen."
      My friend, we have both fought the good fight. As honorable Americans we have done far more than can be expected. I believe they call that 'Above and Beyond'. I salute you Sir!

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